Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor – band leader, guitarist and composer

Chris’s first foray into music was via a descant recorder, the only instrument on offer at the time.   He can’t remember his first music lesson but admits that it was 56 years ago.

Born in Kent and growing up in South Northants, Chris originally wanted to be a farmer. But a teaching career soon beckoned and it was during his student days in Swansea that he fell in love with jazz, going to concerts and watching top musicians such as Oscar Peterson.

Early on in what was to be a 30 year teaching career including three degrees (!!), he heard that a local band in Exeter needed a bass player. The rest, of course, is history.

Chris’s jazz heroes include Django Reinhardt, ‘unimaginably good with only two working fingers’. (Reinhardt received serious burns in a caravan fire as a young man). His dream jazz line up, including himself of course, would be Danny Thompson on bass, Jeff Beck on guitar and Billie Holiday doing the vocals.

If he had his time over again, Chris says he would add cello, piano and singing lessons to his guitar playing.   Meanwhile his musical talents have inspired his family: his son plays bass and two of his grandchildren play the piano. That’s almost another band!

When he’s not playing guitar with the workshop, composing music or listening to his favourite blues, rock, baroque and romantic classical music tracks, Chris is a keen sailor and watersports enthusiast.